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Single Phase Hybrid Inverter


Single Phase Hybrid Inverter EOS-3~8K-S30

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  • Intelligence

    97.6% max. efficiency 

    Within 10ms UPS-level switching 

    Max. 15A PV input current 


    IP65 protection degree 

    Compact and elegant design with integrated diecasting technology 

    Long-term efficient operation with advanced heat dissipation design 

    Outstanding working performance thanks to Solinteg MORE platform


    Max. 30A charge/discharge current 

    65-450V super wide battery voltage range 


    Convenient installation and O&M with horizontal design and quick plug terminals 

    Easy data check via both OLED display and App 

    Intelligent energy management with Solinteg built-in EMS 

    Easy Wifi configuration via App 

    Ideal for residential application with low operating noise

  • Excellent R&D strength 

    The company's product research and development introduces the concept of modular product design, and uses the concept of modular product management in product hardware design and software management to make. Be able to respond faster to the changing needs of the market and maintain a leading position in product development and iterative updates.

    Excellent reliability 

    Products have been fully certified by professional and authoritative third-party testing agencies