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Battery container


The capacity covers from 2mwh-5.5mwh, and the system can be integrated with packet and cluster controllers or optimisers to achieve one packet one control and one cluster one optimisation.

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  • Provide multiple sizes, such as 30 and 40 feet, walk-in or non-walk-in, high-pressure or low-pressure air and liquid-cooled flexible configuration options;

    Supports distributed and centralised air-conditioning cooling, with hot and cold channels isolated to avoid local hot spots;

    Based on thermal imaging visual inspection scheme, it can achieve all-round inspection of battery clusters with temperature measurement accuracy of ±2℃.

  • Excellent R&D strength 

    The company's product research and development introduces the concept of modular product design, and uses the concept of modular product management in product hardware design and software management to make. Be able to respond faster to the changing needs of the market and maintain a leading position in product development and iterative updates.

    Excellent reliability 

    Products have been fully certified by professional and authoritative third-party testing agencies